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Diving in Peninsular Malaysia > Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru (JB for short) is the state capital of Johor in southern peninsular Malaysia, just across the causeway from Singapore. Its status as regional transport hub can make it a good place to start exploring places like Borneo, as there are many cheap airlines connecting to and from JB, and flights are generally cheaper than in nearby Singapore.

Areas to dive in Johor Bahru

Dive Operators in Johor Bahru

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A Malaysia Island getaway, a small island resort in the South China Sea for that idyllic holiday escape, with pristine white sands, clear waters and unspoilt terrain, enables the visitor to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy a Malay massage in the beach front spa, take in a leisurely stroll through the native jungle to the island village, indulge in spectacular diving opportunities with ou

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We are the only PADI Resort Dive Centre on Pulau Sibu Malaysia. The PADI DiveCentre offers Fun dives and training for any level of diving,starting from Discover Scuba Diving through to dive master. Ourresident Dive Instructor (PADI) has experienced diving at variouslocations throughout the world.

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