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Who has not been yet to Thailand, cannot even imagine the feeling when someone steps out the stress of everyday life, to experience the infinity of sunshine and sea, and the calmness and serenity that dominates everything. Yet who has already been there, will long for it forever. And for all that place represents. All those incredible flavors! Endless types of fruits for breakfasts bought for a song, thousands of kinds of healthy fish, crabs, shellfish, and snails. Fancy rows of bazaars overrun by tourists, blinding lights and wild bachelor life at night, or the solitude of quiet, abandoned small islands waiting for discovery, where only the most determined travelers dare to go.

This base was created in 2006 by young people who wished to get far of their homes for a period of time in order to discover another life that is hidden at the depth of the sea and shows its dizzy colors, miracles and mysteries only to very few. The diving center is situated in the popular and famous Phuket island, pearl of Andaman Sea, from where all unknown places of the neighborhood are easy to approach.

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78/21 Soi Wattan Thaweewong Road, Patong Kathu THAILAND 83150
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