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Languages spoken: English, Indonesian,
Number of staff: 8

The Pirates Who Dive!

A ship worth sailing on, that's more space than divers, small groupsand personal service. Where safety is taken care of so you can justconcentrate on the fun.Remember "Be Happy Dive Pirate!" Garr!...

News & Updates

May 10:The Captains Blog has even more photos, from guests and the Captain.

Latest news, our new boat the 'Nasty Nemo' is in the water and running well. Already put through her paces with the 'Green School' who went EnvironMental in Pemuteran, where they learned about the Biorock project and helped to clean up 'Mucky Pirates Bay'.

We've been Facebooked, Join the Brethren, become a fan, find you dive buddies and post your photo's for all to see.

The Sea Rovers Experience

Just imagine, you are on the deck of the dive boat, just a small group of divers, skipping across the sheltered waters of Northwest Bali towards Menjangan Island, with the volcanoes of East Java like sentinels in the distance.

As you get closer, the colour of the water changes from deep blue, to crystal clear turquoise as the boatman slows and stops you start to see the colours of the coral, you can see the myriad of different fish.

Your heart beat increases with anticipation as you gear up and check. The dive master says remember, just take your time, relax and enjoy

You step over the side into that water as it closes over you it feels almost luxurious, warm. As you drop down the colours really start to appear and the corals come into focus, you drift along a wall stopping to watch and photograph a bright nudibranch.

The dive master checks ask you to check your air, because the pace is so easy, you have plenty, you carry on exploring, the divemaster points out a ghost pipe fish, how did he see that? Remember he has been diving here for years

Something flashing blue in a crevice catches your eye. What is it ? You take a photo.

As you move up the colours become even brighter and the gardens open before your eyes, different colonies all living in harmony in this fantastic almost magical world - just part of the Sea Rovers experience

postcard of pemuteran diving

What we offer you is.
Premium service for all things water.

We cater to only small groups, Six to a group absolute max, anymore and we'd be working for a living and our Sea Rovers Code would never allow that. -so if you're looking to meet 40 other like minded people on one boat, then you're with the wrong vessel!

The Diving is in the rich waters around Northwest Bali where the Captain and crew have spent over ten years exploring the depths to bring you the locations that thrill.

What we have for you is:
• Kiddies Snorkel Equipment for the Swimming Pool
• Full range of snorkeling tours
• Snorkeling Equipment rental
• Surf Kayak Rental (Coming Soon)
• Mountain Bike Rental

Enjoy Diving? So do we:
• Diving the local Reefs of Pemuteran
• Diving Menjangan Island
• Diving Secret Bay
• Diving Underwater Temples
• Diving Wrecks
• Diving BioRock coral conservation project
And a personal favourite
• Diving with Camera

Want To Learn Scuba Diving: SDI or PADI
• Introductory Diving
• Open Water Diver
• Advanced Diver
• Rescue Diver
• Through to DiveMaster
• With Specialites inbetween

SDI online training now available, Do the boring classroom stuff in the comfort of your own home and get wet here amongst the fish.
Captains Blog Now Online with the latest photos and news at
Ha Harr!!!

SDI Dive Center #1002574

Contact Details

+62 (0) 812 3859167

[email protected]
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